R.I.P. Dime


Why do black people call each other "Monica"?
Sucks god needed a super bad ass rocker.


fornicating madly
Surprised this is three years already. Was never a fan.


...when McCainia runs wild on you!!!!
the only death of someone i didn't know personally to affect me. RIP Dime.

i remember i was driving to work (12/9/04)and heard about his shooting. i was pissed and hurt. later that day, i called musician's friend and ordered one of the 3 remaining washburn dimes they had in stock (black one. this was before dean had started production of their current models). i also decided to honor him permanently on myself.

here's a pic of my tat i got around 12/12/04. i designed it and after 3-4 variations, settled on the slime wuth fading flames. i wanted the rebel with green-fading flames, but the guy that did it said the stars were too small. the only complaint is that he used my awful handwriting for the dates instead of a font

you can see different dime stuff in it like the razor added to the headstock, the "RIP" in the exposed area of the neck, the dime sig from a pick i have, the cross from the "southern cross" model of the washburns, and the CFH under the guitar. one of my earlier designs had more shit in it but the tat artist said it was "too busy and would look shitty"

His death effected so many its crazy..R.I.P never a big fan of pantera but you ruled.


Yeah....Wait What?

This is how we did his anniversary It was fucking insane Vinny was saying they werent ever going to do the day but he went through with it. The fucking place was going crazy for Dime. At the end of the show they had this guy form england I think it was and his name Nick something I think that did a tribute of Dime with some of music guy was fucking good Vinny said he doesnt know of anyone better guy then this dude to do this.