R.i.p. F.r.e.d.


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
Rest in peace F.R.E.D.

We have listened to the high points and low points and now Garyisajoke's acronym will now only be used to refer to the first years Ron and Fez were at XM after Harry.


I created FRED, fuckface. Show some respect.
As the creator of FRED, I can't tell you how devastated I am. Actually, I'm bummed Earl's leaving despite my constant bitching about him. I hope he does something on the show, but I think having the subdued EP and crazy Dave was a good combination. The dynamic of the show is going to change a bit but it's happened time after time and the show keeps going.

Good luck, Earl.


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A lament for FRED.

But good luck to Earl with his studies and with Lady Kate.

BRC forever!
I'll miss the N in Ron n Fez, but never liked their suggestions.
Ahh, he slung luggage like no other
(shit, I'm worse than mencia)