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Mah man. Vaya con dios.
Good speed Hudson. Bring some Wackbag to wherever you end up.


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That's sad, I would go to the services since its only like a half hour away from me. But I have some masterbation scheduled in at that time. The ol lady and kid will be out of the house. Plus it would probably be awkward to explain who I am to the family. Not sure if that kind of embarrassment of me pulling up his post history is how i want them to remember him.

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Later Hud
Seemed like a good dude


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RIP to a true OG bagger. How long before he looks like his avatar?
it's too bad he got this post in
nope, just went and slept in a firewatch tower for a few weeks unplugged, quiet, and fishing.
otherwise his last post would have been

at one of em will shit in the pool and the shallow end will be packed with the deep end empty.
a pool related quote seems far more "your mom's box" for him..

Thoughts and prayers @Hudson


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Just curious, dude was member 900. Is there anyone left that close to being
an OG?

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She's better than you, Smirkalicious.
Saw the title and immediately hoped it was the other Hudson spoken about on O&A.
RIP Hudson. You were one of the good ones.


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God damn...RIP Hudson.


Is alive.
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Just curious, dude was member 900. Is there anyone left that close to being
an OG?

I believe in a meritocracy more than something that is attendance-based. And there have been several individuals that have done more than I have. And several who have done far less.