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I remember back in the days lates 80's early 90's when the original club located in West Orange was a great place to go. The PD I worked for at the time did security for the place, and we had vip status there at all times. Good times being able to hang with some rising stars, who treated everbody the same. When they tore it down, to put up a bank it was a sad day. The one in Montclair never lived up to the original. Spent a Few nights there with Dave Atell, Big Jay Oakerson and Even Vos did one of the last sets in the joint when they moved from the ballroom to the attic. But I guess everything has its time and place, just like some of the old Clubs in the city long gone.

Landlord kills Montclair Rascals' lease

The Rascals comedy club is be coming an endangered species.

One of the remaining two loca tions closed earlier this week after the landlord in Montclair terminated the club's lease. The company that controlled Rascals in Montclair, as well as a connected dance club called Red Cheetah, was organized by former officers of Headliners Entertainment Group, which filed for bankruptcy protection in March.

Ed Rodriguez and Michael Margolies resigned from Headlin ers -- which owns the Rascals name -- shortly before the company filed for Chapter 11 bank ruptcy protection. But the two also served as officers of Rascals Montclair, according to a petition filed by a lawyer for a trustee appointed by the bankruptcy court. They formed the company to operate the two clubs in that town, and which as of last fall received all the clubs' revenue.

Dick Grabowsky, who owns the building on Bloomfield Ave nue, said in a written statement he ended the lease early "due to difficulties resulting from their bankruptcy issues." He also noted the tenant owed a substantial amount of back rent, as well as taxes.

Gary Werner, an attorney for Rodriguez, said he was aware back rent was due, but noted the landlord and his client have different views on the amount. David Browde, an attorney for Margolies, said his understanding was his client had never been an officer of Rascals Montclair.

Trusts controlled by the wives of Rodriguez and Margolies hold a majority ownership of Rascals Montclair, according to regulatory filings.

The only remaining Rascals is in Cherry Hill, but its lease at the Hilton expires in August.

A bankruptcy trustee oversee ing the Headliners case has asked a judge to convert it to Chapter 7 liquidation, but said she plans to continue operating the Cherry Hill location.

The Montclair clubs closed with little notice. Comedian Kyle Grooms, who was scheduled to perform a number of shows at Rascals beginning last night, said the club manager told him Tues day afternoon they were shutting down.


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I saw Norton in 2001 at the Rascals at the shore in Ocean.