Racial Slur in Car Ad


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GEORGETOWN — A car dealership issued an apology and fired a sales manager over the distribution of an e-mail advertisement that included a derogatory term for Hispanics.

The Mac Haik Ford Lincoln Mercury dealership ad was headlined "Tired of the Wet Backs????" It then listed promotions for vehicles with air-conditioned seats.

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I'm bi-winning.
I hope he sues for wrongful termination.

If the ad showed a bunch of Mexicans in or around the car, then I could see it being racial. However, does this mean that if you have water thrown on your back or if your back is sweating, then it's racially insensitive to say 'I have a wet back'?

Fucking ludicrous.


3 letters, 0 meaning
I have a wet back.

I keep him in the basement and feed him table scraps.


To my Friends!!! To My Friends!!!
Perhaps if the Ad Read "Tired of Wet-backs?" instead of "The Wet-backs" you could argue it.