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Discussion in 'Internet Radio & Podcasting' started by commish13, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. commish13

    commish13 Personal Friend of Chris Jericho

    May 24, 2005
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    I've got this little internet station going on right now... we're not on 24/7 at the current time due to the impending stuff going on with the RIAA and whatnot (I'm not in control of the station, so I don't know the whole deal), but we have a bunch of good shows, both live and taped that go on.

    Team Game Online

    It's a nice little website, anchored by the very successful RocketBusta Radio wrestling show that we do live every Saturday night and have been since June of 2005. We've got a strong listener base of a couple thousand, including around 100 live listeners a week and hundreds to a thousand downloads a week, with I believe around 3,000 downloads on our most downloaded episode.

    But we're always looking for new listeners for all of our shows, including the Anime Roundtable and Review, The Pennsylvania Rock Show (which does a new show every week day including a 3 hour live show on Fridays with in studio guest performances), Unsportsmanlike Conduct (the sports show) and the morning sensation, Morning Toast.

    Check that shit out. I'd appreciate it.

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