Rage Against The Machine: Renegades

I got the new rage cd and it rocks. Vintage rage, it's a bunch of covers of some great songs with thet RATM attitude.

Renegades Of funk is well worth the money alone.

The remake of bob dylans maggies farm is awesome

Also the Rolling Stones Street Fighting Man is great and there's a bunch others.

Highly Reccomended for all Rage fans and if your not a rage fan download Renegades Of Funk from napster and you'll be hooked.

Another great rage CD is "the Battle For Los Angeles" Testify, Sleep Now In The Fire and Gureilla Radio are great songs.

Even if you don't agree with their politics you have to give them respect for their writing skills and the use of rock and funk.
I dont really get that much into Rage but i will go and check it out on Napster.

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Even though Zack has left the band, I still think they are the best band today! And for all of you out there who are thinking to yourself right now that Limp Bizkit is better..............go suck a dick!