Rammstein Frontman Leaves Group (rumor, most likely false)


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Sad news for me. Rammstein is one of my faves.

According to an article linked to ultimate-guitar.com, Til has left the group due to "differences". The article states KMFDM singer En Esch will replace Til as the new frontman and Til is persuing a solo project. I didn't link the story because I'm a lazy cunt, but the above mentioned site has it in the news section. At this time it is still listed as "unconfirmed" though it cites quotes from 2 of the other band members. I heard a lot of KMFDM and Esch is ok, but it would be hard to have that same baritone vocal Til pulled off. My personal choice for a replacement would have been the singer from Eisbrecher.

Also, Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe has an English industrial album hitting US stores in August. (28th I think)

Oh well, Germans = more gooder


Jul 25, 2005
En Esch definitely does not have a deep voice. It may sound interesting, but it'll honestly sound way more like older KMFDM but with more guitars at that point.

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Nov 11, 2001
Till leaving the band? Hoax!
July 16, 2007
It has not been confirmed that Rammstein's management actually sent out a press release. It seems all of this may have started on Blabbermouth and everyone is getting their information from them or other sources that also got their information from them. If this were a real press release (which strangely cannot be found on either Pilgrim-management.de or Rammstein.de), you would expect at least one major German news source to have picked up on the news as well. But none have. This seems to be a hoax and in fact, Blabbermouth has now pulled the story.

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Dec 8, 2004
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Wow. I haven't even thought of Rammstein in years. I used to love them, but just stopped listening to them all together awhile back.

Even still, I can't see them being all that great with the guy from KMFDM.

Not that there's anything wrong with the band, or En Esch, but...something will definitely be missing, I'd think.