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For a while I've thought we needed a thread to put interesting/awesome things (articles, pictures, videos, etc.) that don't really fit into the funny thread, and @Pigdango's post earlier confirms that I may not be alone in this.

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[1] Hoshitouge Rice Terrace / Niigata


The ”water mirror’,’ which you can see before spring, is a wonderful sight. The Matsudai area is well-known as one of the venues of the Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale, which is held once every 3 years.

[2] Icicles of Misotsuchi / Saitama


Icicles appear on the surface of a mountain that faces the Arakawa river.
During the “Otaki Ice Festival,” icicles will light up and show us a whimsical landscape.

[3] Hida Great Limestone Cave / Gifu


This cave was discovered in 1965. People can go in under 800 yards but there is another undiscovered area at 1,000 yards. It is said that 250 million years ago this was the bottom of the sea.

[4] Firefly Squid Spawn / Toyama


When firefly squid move close to coast, this phenomenon happens.
You can see this during the spawning season from March to May.
It normally happens at night when the sea is quiet without moonlight.

[5] Shirakawa-gō / Gifu


In 1995, Shirakawa-go was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage site.
The area is lit up at night every weekend in July, every year.

[6] Blue Pond / Hokkaido


Photo by Kent Shiraishi

The blue pond is a common name of this artificial pond which is in Hokkaido.
This pond’s photograph was selected as part of OS X Mountain Lion’s wallpaper package by Apple Inc.

[7] The Philosophy Tree / Hokkaido


A poplar tree. People thought about how its stance looks so philosophical, and before long, people started calling it ”The Philosophy Tree”.

[8] Kawachi Fuji Garden/ Fukuoka


You can enter this garden only in the spring and autumn seasons.
There is a wisteria trellis which is 80 yards and a wisteria tunnel that is 220 yards. The wisteria dome, wisteria trellis and mega wisteria trellis make up a total of 7314 yards squared.
Around the garden, there are about 700 maple trees and 18 of those are 70-80 years old.

[9] Mifuneyama rakuen / Saga


This Japanese circuit style garden is in Saga, Kyushu, and was built in 1845.
You can enjoy 200,000 azalea, 5,000 cherry blossom trees, and 170 year old Japanese wisteria.



This is part of a garden which is produced by the Adachi Museum of Art. The Adachi Museum of Art is popular because of its beautiful Japanese style garden and collection of Taikan Yokoyama’s art work.

Fucking love Japan. Wish I could live there.

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