Random Interesting Things

KITT with Hoff driving
The A Team Van with Face driving
Chips motorcycle with Eatrada driving

Is on History channel right now. Supposed to race each other. I'm actually watching it.

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Posts mostly from the shitter.
Here's a new one. Just pulled into my local chick fil a drive thru, made my order, pull around and see a homeless guy with a sign before the window.

Voodoo Ben

The African Dream

The story of a man who believed in being nude in public so strongly he was willing to go to jail over and over and over and over again.


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I don't know why but YouTube recommended an abandoned mine video so I watched it. Then I started to watch a few more and I came to this video.
This guy is not a ghost hunter (his video are all about mines) so I don't if he's fucking with his viewers. I find this video pretty interesting. He goes into a mine to review a flashlight, I don't why but he does. Jump to 12:10 and turn your speakers up. It's creepy.

I found another one. This one looks fake. Jump to 7:34.