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So I was watching Nightline last night, and their hearts were bleeding all over this shit school in Philly called Strawberry Mansion. There are less than 500 students, they have constant fighting, it's just a pure shit school that they're talking about shutting down. And they somehow try to twist it so that shutting down this shithole is somehow a bad thing.

So the latest principal (4th in 4 years) is also an assistant superintendent who volunteered to fill in and try to turn things around. She's walking around, talking up a storm, being the center of attention, etc., and the crazy bitch can't speak English properly. Her grammar sucks. She tries to use multi-syllable words and gets them wrong.

Here's an idea: get someone who can at least speak the English language properly to teach these little animals and maybe you won't get repeats of this retarded bullshit.

I know it's a silly thing to get pissed off about, but I'm just offended that an educator can't speak properly. It's just insulting.


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I saw that piece too last night.

Fucking kids got into a fight in front of the cameras interviewing the principal in the cafeteria. Diane sawyer even mentioned one of the girls protected her and they showed the clip of it happening.

I didn't get annoyed over the way the principal spoke.. but that was some shithole of a school.

The obvious 'lean on me' parallels were in my head but that one is a lost cause.