Raspberry PI Steam Link Works!


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This is amazing, and I finally found a use for my dusty Raspberry PI 2B. All the demos claim you need 3, but it seems to work fine. I tried the Witcher, Fallout 4 and New Vegas. At first I thought it was only steam games, but there was an option to quit big picture. It's like remote desktop on steroids. I finally had a modern enough Graphics card to try this out. You click on the console and type "sudo apt install steam-installer" and it installs on raspberry PI, You run Steam on your game PC, Run Steam Link on the Raspberry PI, it displays a four digit code, you run back to the game machine and type it in and that's it. I have a very low end IVY Bridge I-5 and a 2gb GTX 1050 TI. You just need a wired Ethernet connection didn't even attempt it with WIFI.
Witcher was purchased with GOG so I'm glad its not just steam games. Video editing? Cad? I wonder if there is some way to start it up without the steam link?