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What do you think about Bill Burr?


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Pardon the salty language but he is not my cup of tea! There I said it!


it's a man, baby!!!
I did drive 3+ hours to see him 2 times

I like his stuff. I think he got burned out on being on O&A and the fans may have felt the same

I stopped listening to his podcast, no time and it didn't keep my interest


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I just watched the last special he put out on Netflix, I highly recommend it, it was really funny stuff, i'm hoping that FX show he's working with the "IT's Always Sunny in Philadelphia " people makes it to air.

I also watched Jim Jeffries special "bare" right before that, I recommend that as well, there was a lot of very similar joke premises, I'm not saying one was ripping off the other, their just similar comics with similar ideas.

I forgot to vote, but if i hadn't of forgot I would have given him a ten.


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I'd say of all the comedians I learned about primarily through O+A - including Jim Norton - I'd rank him as #1 now that Patrice is dead.
he's as funny as louie without the slight "i'm a genius and you're not" vibe louie gives off sometimes.


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This pole is bullshit why cant I vote. There must be a communist Bill Burr hater running this thread
I liked him until he refused to talk about Anthony because he doesn't want to fuck up his movie gigs.
His latest is a 6 or 7 sir.
I watched his latest special via netflix. It truly is a 6-7. Bashing christianity isn't some new thing. It would've been brave to bash Islam or even ancient Jewish texts... Zero new or brave ideas sir....
His earlier works (including netflix) were MUCH better. And I mean much better. (Not only netflix, but what's available on youtube)

I really do like Bill Burr on many levels. Especially since he craps on power people on air like Oprah. But recently he has gone the normative way of christian bashing which is easy and pedantic. I think even the public is even ready for resistance to Islam. It isn't a religion, but an ideology. Fight it as any thing but religion and you'd win.


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Wasn't Burr supposed to do a phoner to Ant's show?

Has his black wife really got his nuts that tight in a vice?
I liked him until he refused to talk about Anthony because he doesn't want to fuck up his movie gigs.

Seems sensible to me- why put yourself at risk because a guy can't stop himself from inflammatory ranting in public- live by the shock, die by the shock (not that Anthony necessarily lived purely through shock but he knew the likely consequences imo). I'll be honest- without some form of corroboration outside of his own word I'm loath to take Cumia's word on the 'attack' as gospel, Bill presumably knows him a bit better than us so may be quite sceptical himself and not want to jeopardise his career defending a guy who is potentially lying, racist and out of control with the public baiting of liberals and minorities.

Buzzfeed and Gawker chewed Ant up pretty quick and they could do it again if needed.

As a comedian I give him a 7, good jokes and delivery but some tired premises and not too much originality.

Thought it was rather apt and poetic myself. You think he didn't know his ranting was likely to cause offence and engender a backlash against him? If that's the case he is both unlucky and stupid- he wanted to race bait, I think that's clear enough from the tone and content of his tweets. That or he is racist or has no idea how to express himself without appearing to be racist.

Think I'm covering all reasonable possibilities there.

Poetry's worth is subjective so in this case I will politely disagree. You think he had no intent to shock with his outraged ranting?

Anyway it's in the past and I'm sure he's gotten over it- no need for me to harp on.

Bill Burr was very good on the Chapelle Show, but then again everything about that show was excellent.

'Too' late but point taken, though in my defence it was in response to the idea that Bill should go to bat for Ant and risk getting caught in the crossfire. I see no reason why that should be the case but fans often have unreasonable expectations of their idols.


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