RAW 1/7/02

AHHHH I fucking hate when they take forever to bring the wrestler who is returning back out. It's like when The Rock returned back in the summer and he did not come out till almost the end of the show. Im gonna watch anyway but i hate how they do that shit. :)


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Now on a serious note. IHON did you hear that Kevin Nash was going to show up at Smackdown? I swear I read this last week in "The slammer's" Daily news article and he is usaully dead-on. Tell me if you heard anything.
Nah i did not hear that one. Maybe Kevin Nash is gonna come back and participate in the Rumble.
Hey all-

I heard that Nash, Hall, and Hogan weren't going to return to the WWF until sometime after Wrestlemania. I don't know if it's true, but it woulud make sense to bring them all in at the rumble, and have them interfere in the Flair v. Vince mathc.

I actually read yesterday, that supposedly the WWF wants to build up a Rocky v. Hogan, HHH v. Austin, Wrestlemania match. HOgan said he would have no problem putting Rocky or Austin over.

They also said that DX might reform again, sigh.