RAW 3/5/01

Not much news on tonight's show is out there. Look for Austin and the Rock to almost go at eachother again. They will tease this until a few weeks before wrestlemania, where they will have whoever they decide to turn hell attack the other for the first time. Hell maybe that will be tonight. Look for Mr. McMahon to reveal a little more of his "plan". But the biggest thing to watch for tonight is who is gonna replace the King at the broadcast table. The reports I am hearing lead me to believe Paul Heyman will make his WWF debut next to good ole J.R. They are reporting that Paul Heyman just happens to be in Washington. Just happens that RAW is taking place in Washington. I still find it hard to believe that Paul has given up on saving ECW but all the reports make it sound like Paul will be at RAW in some capacity. We will have to wait and see.
Yeah well there have been reports that Paul Heyman will be making an announcement regarding ECW sometime this week. The rumor is that he will announce that ECW is finished. The fact that the most recent ECW PPV was just canceled has many people believing this to be true.

I also heard there might be a chance down the road for the King to make up with Vince and return to the WWF. He still has a 2 year contract and it is expected that Vince will grant him his release.
It was just announced on Ron and Fez that Paul Heyman will be on RAW tonight commentating with JR.
The following are a list of confirmed matches for RAW is WAR Tonight.

Intercontinental Title Match
-Chris Jericho (c) vs. Eddie Guerrero

WWF Womens Title Match
-Lita vs. Ivory (c)

WWF Tag Team Title Match
-The Dudley Boyz (c) vs. The Hardy Boyz

-Undertaker and Kane vs. Haku and Rikishi
I read that although it was said the Hardys will break up soon now they are saying the tag-team is gonna stay together and will not be splitting anytime soon.
The Hardy's went to the writers and asked not to be split up. The writers agreed to keep them together, but have decided to have them turn heel so that they have some fresh angles for them. Look for something to happen tonight against the Dudley's. The Dudley's are extremely popular and have great heat. Look for a heel turn by the Hardy's tonight.

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Cool i will look for that. Hey Paul Heyman is pretty good so far RAW has that kinda ECW feel this evening. I think they are laying the road down for a King return possibly with the comment Paul Heyman made.
RAW was good. I cant wait for Smackdown now with Debra Austins wife being Rocks new MGR did u see the way Austin was looking at her at the end of RAW he was pissed.


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i missed the show can any one tell me what happen
Well the best part of RAW for me was when Vince degrated Trish Stratus and made her get down to her bra and panties to proove to him that she was really sorry oh yeah that was the best part of RAW.


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do anybody know if the full results are on the net now


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I am in hell. They are gonna use this wife thing against austin now. I hope they don't make him look all pussy-whipped. It looked like he was already crying last night. Good show though and I thought heyman was pretty good. Something different for raw. So eff The king. Bring on the ECW. Lets get extreme!
I wonder if Heyman is gonna get more involved with the WWF like in that ECW vs WWF thing.
I don't see a whole ECW vs. WWF thing happening at all. All the rumors and speculation about it was from the ECW webpage. There are rumors going both ways about Paul Heyman. Some say he has a deal with the WWF and others say that he does not have a deal. It does look like ECW is done though and Paul looks to be moving on. We will have to wait and see if he continues to commentate with J.R. or if he does some managing or just fades to the back. Whatever Paul does you will be sure to see his influence in the WWF from now on


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I thought heyman was good. But to be honest I like tazz as a commentator. He seems to like it too. So if he really rather become an announcer than wrestle anymore I say let him take over for Lawler. But if they go with paul heyman it's still all good.
Yeah thats true MAV i thought that Tazz would get his shot at doing RAW broadcasts with JR but i think Tazz is gonna be a regular broadcaster for Smackdown. I see Tazz as becoming the New Age Jesse Ventura for the WWF he has alot of talent.


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Yeah your probably right. He will take over permanently for king on smackdown. I think heyman will be back next monday. He did a pretty good job.
Yeah i think ECW is done any chance of it coming back would depend if there really is a ECW/WWF storyline and how well it does. This could be a plan by Vince and Heyman to get ECW more exposure maybe build its fan base up in an attempt to try and save it.