RAW 6/11

Well it should be another good show tonight. I hear rumors that former ECW Star Rob Van Dam has signed with the new WCW and will be coming out tonight as the next wrestler involved in Shanes Invasion.


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Well Shane came out, but no sign of van damme yet. I hope something happens tonight. I didn't even realize that the King of the Ring was the next PPV until last thursday. So when is "Invasion"? Also when is The Rock coming back. I actually can't wait for the "Finally" etc...

One last thing. Trish is fucking hot. I'd like to just squeeze her ass for an hour and just AGEEEEH all over her cowgirl hat. :D


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That was classic Austin. He was just beating the living shit out of Benoit with that chair.

The next month or so of wrestling is gonna be sick. They are gonna have Rock coming back after KOR, Plus the invasion will be going on. I actually can't wait until KOR is over. That's when shit is gonna get real good. I hope.

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Yeah Austin rocked last night on RAW, you gotta love whenever he is pissed and snaps on everyone that was hilarious. Even funnier when he hugged Vince.


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Lmbo, Yeah what was that all about? Austin looked like he was a scared little boy who just angered his father and decided to hug him to say sorry. I was freaked when he did that. I was thinking WTF.

As for him going buckwild at the end of th show. There is nothing better than that. It looked like he wanted to do his classic two fists in the air salute to the crowd at the end. I think he realized "oh shit,I don't do that anymore". Smackdown should be good on thursday. What's up with the whole Lance Storm thing? I guess he is gonna be strictly WCW. He probably only made the appearance as a way of say he signed with WCW. I thought he would be in the WWF.
I think Lance Storm is going to be strickly with WCW but we should see more of him when this invasion starts heating up.