RAW 6/4

RAW fucking rocked again last night!!! The WCW invasion continues with Hugh Morris running in and Shane in the TV Truck!!! McMahon with Foley and Jesse Ventura was cool. Trish bra and panties match with Terri Runnels she has a phat ass. Austin keeps the belt again beating Jericho. And i think Kane is the one stalking Takers wife. She is hot too!!!


I speak the human language
Holy shit. I never even thought of Kane. That is definetely a great possibility, considering I haven't really seen Kane around in past two weeks or so. I am glad to see the invasion is still going on. It's been cool watch wrestling again, I am enjoying the new storylines. I just hope the PPV is all it's cracked up to be.
I think Kane wrestled in the beginning of the show last night but the reason i think its him is cause of what the person said when they where stalking the Undertakers wife. He said he is an animal and likes people who love animals, he also said when she was going inside she goes inside and she doesnt even know im out here but dont worry i can get inside and she wont even suspect a thing or something to that effect.


I speak the human language
Oh did he really wrestle on raw? I didn't even notice. That's good reasoning. I was even thinking somehow or another it could be Triple H. Since he is out, remember they said that he would find a way to fit into the WWF's plans somehow?

Or maybe an Invador? Who knows? :confused: :D