RAW 8/6

Its been a pretty good show so far. Next week Live Smackdowns start they should be good.


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They are still waiting to long to bust out the Rock. Also Tajiri is the new light heavyweight champ. Finally someone O actually like as the light heavyweight champ.

I just seen that little promo for the live Smackdown. Pretty cool. "The beautiful people, the beautiful people" I love that song. Also the promo for Summerslam with "Let's the bodies hit the floor" that song rocks!
Yeah i dont understand why they are holding back The Rock so long.


I speak the human language
I know the best thing they used to do is have him come out right after the intro of the show. Then he'd go into one of his funny tirades and it always get's the show off to an awesome start.

As for the street fight with Shane. It lacked the PPV intensity of Shane vs. Angle, but it was pretty cool. I love when Shane goes crazy and does those insane leaps. One thing Shane is not, is a pussy. He is a sick fuck.


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steph and y2j sould just f*ck and get over with it