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The last episode was rough. Don't care about the daughter, the Jon Voight/Rosanna Arquette scene was silly, and the Armenian realtor situation was crap. Some weeks I feel like I'm watching the Kardashians.
One thing they've made clear, while we don't know who it will be, we know that someone's getting molested or molesting someone.


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Anyone know why it wasn't on last night?
Anyone know why it wasn't on last night?
They're taking the weekend off due to labor day; Showtime instead is running a marathon of Ray Donovan and Dexter. They're back next weekend though.


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I'm really liking this show. Loved the Arquette scene. Voight rules: "Do you know how to twerk? We'll get to that later..."


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Anyone watching? Season 6 is about to wrap up. The show is fucking awesome!


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I watch it. This season has been pretty damn good.


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I liked it but I swear I thought the opening was a dream sequence. When the daughter brought out the sammiches I was all like, “okay, whose dream is this?”.
I thought the entire season was a dream. The way certain scenes were shot, the music etc.... it had a very surreal feeling to it.

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