Reality TV crew killed in helicopter crash


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Once again a good journalist answers the who what when where why in the first sentence. Or not.

Reality TV crew killed in helicopter crash

3 men filming realty TV show died when copter crashed near Acton, California at movie ranch.

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Just hours after filming began, three crew members shooting a reality TV show died overnight in a California helicopter crash, authorities said.
The crash occurred about 3:40 a.m. in a rural, northern area of Los Angeles County, The Associated Press reported.
Filming had just started on Saturday, the AP said.
Polsa Rosa Ranch is a popular site for commercials, movies and TV shows, the Los Angeles Times said.
“The helicopter, a Bell 206, crashed under unknown circumstances,” the Federal Aviation Administration’s Allen Kenitzer told the LA Times in an email.
On their website, ranch owners say they boast diverse terrain, railroad tracks and a two-airstrip airport.
The men who died were all in their 40s, the Daily News of Los Angeles said.
LA County Fire Department Capt. Martin Smith said the men were ejected when the copter crashed into an empty field.
He told the newspaper it appeared the reality show centered on the military.
There were no other injuries, and Smith said he didn't think cameras were rolling when the crash occured.
“They did have camera equipment on board the helicopter, and there were ground cameras nearby,” Smith told the Daily News.


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Fuck. Why did it have to be crew? Wouldn't the world be a better place if Dr. Drew and his rehab rejects died horrifically?


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That article had to be written by a robot. Fucking awful.


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And once again, The Discovery Channel ruuuuunes yet another show. :rolleyes: