recommend external hard drive enclosure


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hey savages,

I recently purchased this:

ICY BOX IB-351U-B Aluminum 3.5" Black USB 2.0 External Enclosure

to read the data from these hard drives:

Western Digital WD Caviar SE Serial ATA, model WD1600JD-00HBB0

The molex power plug inside the enclosure fits the hard drive fine, however the hard drive does not have the 40 pin connector that the enclosure plug has off of the ribbon-- it's a different type of connector but I'm not sure what it's called. Anyone recommend a decent enclosure from Newegg to match these hard drives? I have two I need to read/format.



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Oopsie! heh heh.... thanks mister


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Whatever you do, don't buy a Galaxy drive enclosure. I purchased one and within 2 months it started turning on and off and NewEgg sent me my money back. The manufacturer claimed zero responsibility. Garbage.
I'm not sure if this one will apply, but it's what I use - it holds up to 4 hard drives (250 gig each I think). It's not too expensive, and it's pretty compact. I just wish it had a handle on top.

AMS Venus T4U


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arrrg... douchebags at newegg sent me the IDENTICAL enclosure except in black this time. Fuck! Back it goes...
Since we're on the subject (kinda), and my stupid question probably doesn't merit its own thread...

I'm looking to do a NAS on a budget, and was thinking of getting the LINKSYS NSLU2 Network Storage Link for USB2.0 Disk Drives and hooking up my existing 250GB external hard drive to it.

Anyone have any experience with this type of setup? Will it keep up with my wireless network as far as streaming media, backups, etc? The product and specs can be viewed here: