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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS (— A beat down at a local Red Lobster was caught on tape. Four women attack a female server after their order is wrong.

It happened at the Fairview Heights Red Lobster on the night of December 30th. For the past month, police on both sides of the river have been reviewing the cell phone video hoping to identify the women. Now police want you to take a look at it because employees want justice.

A customer started rolling during the height of the confrontation. In the video you see servers and other Red Lobster patrons pull the server out of the huddle.

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Police say the four women who attacked the 25 year old weren't happy with the service.

Their order was apparently wrong and when it was brought out they started to verbally attack the waitress.

But the women ate the meal and then the dispute turned physical. One of the women threw a sprite in the server's face and then police say they pushed her into a table of customers and began punching and pulling her hair.

Some customer sat stunned, others tried to help. Now police need the public's help to identify the four women seen in the cell phone video.

At this point Fairview Heights police aren't sure if the women are from the area.

They are described as African American, two in their 40's and two in their 20's.

From witness interviews police say it could be two mother daughter teams.

If caught they could be charged with battery and mob action.,0,5226762.story

My wife and I have witnessed some shaninigans at the local "ret lobsta" in the past. I've heard it's gotten even worse since the last time we went. I'm willing to bet that the only dispute there was over the service was when the check came.


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Haven't eaten at a Nig Lobster in years.


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They are described as African American,
Clever way for the reporting agency to avoid being the ones to say it.
'someone said they were nigs, but we're not sure exactly'.


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I love their biscuits.

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How the fuck do they let them out the door without pressing charges or at least getting license plates?

And they're the fucking worst to wait on. Always looking to create a problem looking for something for free.

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Seeing something like that might just have been one of the rare cases where I would feel the need to step in, even though the sheboons were not armed, and I was not in danger.

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Red Lobster is just Shit. Even up here in the 'Norf. Went there once last January and it was horrid. Overpriced too. Better half wrote a letter to some head office, and the following October they sent a gift card. Awful food.

Oddly enough, not a spook to be seen at the ones up here. Although there's not a Shwoogie as far as the eye can see in any direction. *shrugs*


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I'd say GTR but it's Red Lobster.

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I love their biscuits.
I was going to ashamedly say that I love Red Lobster, but this might be much more accurate.

I could eat nothing but Cheddar Bay Biscuits for the rest of my life and be happy.
Just go to mccormick and schmick's or bonefish grill instead.

The extra couple of bucks it will cost you is just a chimp-free tax that most of us are willing to pay.
Haven't eaten at a Nig Lobster in years.
I tried to go to the one in King of Prussia about a year ago, and stood in the lobby of the empty restaurant for 15 minutes without seeing a single person to greet and seat me. Fuck Red Lobster. I went down the street to Burger King and got better food for 1/3 the price.


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Just go to mccormick and schmick's or bonefish grill instead.

The extra couple of bucks it will cost you is just a chimp-free tax that most of us are willing to pay.
went to a mccormick and schmick's while i was in charlotte, NC...the food , drinks,and service were 10 times better than Red Lobsta' ...Red Lobster Blows...

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I haven't been to one since the late 80's. For this exact reason. I live on Long Island where there's plenty of choices for real seafood. Price is higher than Red Lobster but none of the shenanigans. Well worth it.


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There is a much better bit involving a lobster but I don't think we are allowed to talk about it still.

At least Lobster doesn't come up ******* any more
I don't think that's an issue since Ant broke up with her.


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"Dead Lobster" sucks. Who would eat there? It's all frozen, mass produced crap.

And there's the thing about the clientele...