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They glossed over this being a redo of The Changeling, being more influenced by 2001 than Star Wars, and that the pivotal scene needn't have been ruined by the number "6" for no reason whatsoever.


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I laughed my ass of this episode.
The very beginning where they were talking about how much they loved it and yet they couldn't even decide what the movie was about. "The whole movie is about finding out where you belong. Except Bones. And Chekov. Well Spock and Vger are really the heart of the story. The love story about Decker and Bald lady is the heart of the story..."

Yeah - that's Star Trek TMP. A convoluted mess that somehow manages to have too much and not enough going on at the same time. But it's great because it's boring. :rolleyes:


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I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Still love that movie. So great.
I'm a bit behind on my RLM viewing so I'm just getting around to seeing the Macaulay Culkin episode--pretty great.