Rehab is for quitters

...that's why I ain't due there yet. I'm hooked on O&A and if anyone has a problem with it, they can go blow bin Laden and wipe their mouth on his beard. How's this for an introduction? :D

On a serious note though, it was a strange chain of events that brought me here and I intend to stay because this is the coolest hangout on the web, and I'm one of those geeks who knows more about life inside the computer than living outside one. Let your imagination fill in the rest. :p


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
So you are one of those people that I talk to that live in my computer??? ;) :rolleyes: :eek:
Yeah, I'm responsible for the annoying pop up windows, and when your PC freezes it's because I passed out drunk. I'm the virus that terminates your files, leaves, but I will be back. :p I'm the Monica Lewinsky virus. I suck all the memory outta your PC, then email everyone on your address book about "Look what I just did to you, again." If you mess with me, I'll become the worst virus in cyberspace. Worse than the "I love you" virus. I'm the "Let's Just Be Friends" virus. :D


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
Can you stop popping up those porrn ads all over my computer?


I speak the human language
Hey Busta, welcome to Wackbag. I hear you bro, I have trouble getting off my ass sometimes too. When your a lazy fuck, there ain't much better than a computer. you can get everything here except for pure chewing satisfaction, gotta take your ass to the store for the food. Also my all-time favorite, beer. :)

Sorry it took me so long to welcome ya, I have been stuck in rehab. :D