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Car crashes into Vancouver swimming pool

VANCOUVER, Wash. - A man was taken to the hospital Friday morning after the car he was driving left a road in Vancouver and landed in a residential swimming pool.
Members of Clark County Fire District 6 said the driver was later found by firefighters walking on a road near the scene of the crash before he was taken to a hospital. Firefighters did not say if he was injured.
Firefighters said the incident began shortly after 4 a.m. when they got a call about a car in swimming pool on N.W. 84th Loop near N.W. 21st Avenue.
The car hit a curb, then a tree, and crashed through some foliage before going over a fence and splashing down in the pool, which was covered at the time. Firefighters said the cover kept the car from sinking.
The driver apparently got out of the car - and the pool - and started walking on N.W. 21st Avenue. Firefighters who located him said he asked for some help and was taken to a hospital as a "trauma alert."
The Clark County Sheriff's Office has not released the name of the driver, a male in his 20s, or said if he faces any charges. A deputy said high speed may be a factor in the crash.
Residents of the home, who were asleep in a bedroom not far from the pool, were naturally surprised at the turn of events. "Just the condition of the driver before he skidded off the road and into our pool," homeowner Jeff Goodwin told KATU News. "I can't imagine the state of mind he was in when he was climbing out of that vehicle, it's amazing he made it out alive."
Due to the proximity of nearby homes and the location of the crash scene, getting the car out of the pool and off the property could be tricky. Firefighters said a crane will likely be needed to extricate the car.
This crash is under investigation by the Clark County Sheriff's Office.*660/CarintoPool4.JPG*660/CarintoPool1.JPG*660/CarintoPool2.JPG*660/CarintoPool3.JPG*660/CarintoPool5.JPG

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