Hey guys dont forget to watch O&A on the XFL pre game show. If u can go catch the taping at the WWF restaurant. Doors open at 6pm tonight. Go check it out. that is all for now<IMG SRC="" border=0>
Oh hell yeah im gonna record that show for sure!!!<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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I'm on the nightrain!!!


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Can't wait for it to come on
Hell Ya for the boys they rock !!

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I wish i could have made it to the show. I had gotten out of work at 6:30 so it was pointless with the lines starting at the time they did. I just hope the boys have a good show. It's a proud day in o&aville.
I say, next time, we get together and go next Wednesday and rock on and party!

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Hey that sounds like a great idea the only problem is that im low on cash. But i will definitley try to make one taping this season atleast.<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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I'm on the nightrain!!!


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Ill make time for the party

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