Replacing a pane of broken double-pane glass


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Anyone have experience doing this yourself? Basically everything I've read is that the actual replacement takes about 10 seconds and the cost is in getting the replacement panes. Also is there any way to get them/order them other than going to a window repair/manufacturer, which will change you about the same as if they did the repair? Potentially a mail order or wholesale place that will whip out a low-e glass piece sized to order. Anyone ever done this?
You might have to go to the window manufacturer... as there are different versions of the Low E... and they have slightly different tints. Meaning if you are placing the pane is say a double hung window the replacement glass could be lighter or darker.

If not measure the size (you will prob have to pull off the glass stops to do this) and just call around to your local glass places as I wouldn't suggest sending something like that through the mail.

Oh don't forget to measure the thickness as well.


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Do you know if there is a gas like argon between the window panes? Might make the replacement a bit more complicated.


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I don't know but I did get a quote for the local glass guy to replace the entire (sealed) pane for $231. $210 was for the glass and $20 was for labor (basically snapping out the four plastic stops around the window and seating the new glass. It seems this would be prime opportunity for someone to capitalize on and undercut the big guys, if you could produce and sell cheap window replacements.


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I worked in construction, and we just always replaced the entire window. I'm not sure if the price difference wasn't worth replacing only one pane, or if it was too difficult, or if it voided the warranty.

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Do you know if there is a gas like argon between the window panes? Might make the replacement a bit more complicated.

Right. If you fix it yourself...



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We replace them often. The local window and screen shop orders the size sealed low-e argon unit we need and we do the replacement. Cost of sealed panes has never been over $70 and some clear silicone to push it in to.