Requiem For a Dream


Is alive.
Wackbag Staff
This is a very good movie.
With the guy and the girl and his friend trying to make it BIG in the "scene" and his mother try to lose weight by taking mind-altering diet pills so she can get on TV. It has a very good ending.


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I highly recommend anyone seeing this its extremely trippy with the crazy ass camera angles and good story one of those movies you only need to see once its one of those movies that will just totally blow your mind and freak you out. Pay close attention to minor details which makes this movie feel like your watching it on acid even if your sober i saw it when i was drunk as hell and shit i thought i was seein shit man its a great movie shows you just what its like to be a drug addict and how you dont always know whos doing what. I think they should show this movie in high school health classes to show the kids not to fuck up doing heroine and shit man this movie will stick in your brain!