Response to Seans New Breed Manifesto...

How original is it to call someone fat whats a matter there goldielocks you cant think of anything else smart to say. I dont expect a intelligent response from such a low-life piece of shit like yourself. Anyway i find it funny that the people who worship you now on ****** and you praise are the same people who you used to bash and say how they where all pathetic and should just die in Wackbag's chatroom. ****** has this rule attack one there mods and your banned how come you where never banned for attacking ****** Mods. I really dont care but those are some questions that do come to my mind.
Sean i find you to be a Hypocrite you preach all these morals and things about yourself and then you go and do everything you said that you would never do. I think you have problems Sean. All the things you do now will eventually come back to you and who cares whether you will realize it or not it will be too late.


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Well said..

"Always Keep Your Mouth
Shut And Never Rat On Your Friends.
Just Say No To Marrige
Whoo yeah! Preach on brother!

Akane you dummy!!!!

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