Rest In Peace Luke Perry


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Gone to the old Peach Pit in the Sky.

Thoughts and prayers


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Better this than doing the 90210 comedy reboot with the original cast commissioned by Fox.


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One of those actors that spanned 2 generations. He's Dylan to me, and my daughter just texted me to tell me Archie's dad died.

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Shame, I liked that "Yer gonna hear me roar" song she dead.

Poor, Left Shark, he's probably inconsolable.


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This one kind of hurts. The James Dean of my generation has died and he was....relatively young.


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He's a spooky, brooding ghost. And probably the reason there are so many fucking asshole kids named Dylan now.


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Better this than doing the 90210 comedy reboot with the original cast commissioned by Fox.
He really didn't want to do it either. He was angry, going broke and near desperate when he went back to the show years after he left the first time. These shows are catch 22's he was typed cast but at the same time he was a no body before 90210 and his career wasn't really going anywhere. Thay doesn't mean he wouldn't have hot in something else down the line. The guy was NEVER happy. I get that he didn't wanna do the Rebooted, reboot but man stressing yourself out to the point of death by massive stroke isn't the way to go.

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Fucker was the same age as me. Maaaan, could've been me!


How does one mange to stroke out at fifty-something, too much coke?


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Yeah, a stroke at 52? I wasn't a big 90210 fan (I'm a heterosexual) ... but it's more about not doing what this guy did to stroke out at 52.

RIP early 90s heartthrob guy.