Retards or Weirdos in school???

Does anyone remember or for those peeps who are still in school have retarded weirdos in your school like O&A where talking about?

Well for me there was this little smelly Indian girl in 2nd grade and we had co-ed bathrooms mind u this is catholic school. So one day i tell the teacher i have to use the bathroom she was in there so i go to my favorite toliet booth and i swear i didnt know she was in there well she was sitting on the toilet taking a i dunno what and she jumped up and i saw her private area and she started screaming i guess she didnt see any reason to stop screaming even after i told her to shut the f up and i was the one who got in trouble parents had to come in school and everything for what she was a weirdo anyway she ended up going to 3rd grade somewhere else.


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Well I knew someone that was weird and she was indian also but there was many weirdos all over the place.....
damn hindus their last name was all Patel
and the 1 weird girl her name was Shitna
yes that was her name................<IMG SRC="" border=0>

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There was another girl who always cried at everything. And i remember this one kid who always smelled like shit and we would blame everything on him and the retarded nun believed us and used to tell this poor bastard you are gonna go to hell when you die.