Retro City Rampage on PSN


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Retro City Rampage is finally available on Playstation after God-knows-how-long of dicking us around and dodging the "When is the release date?" question. $14.99, doesn't take too long to download, but then upon startup there is an update too.

Might have to go to work before I get to play!

I guess it will probably become available on XBL sometime today or tomorrow.


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Just played the demo and like it.
I am going to wait because they might make it free for PSN+ members.

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I've been checking out some demos this morning. This was so much more fun than Resident Evil 6.

Off to try XCOM now before deciding if I'll be buying it too when I go out to get a PSN card for this game.
I'll check it out when it eventually comes out for Xbox live. Looks like loads of fun though.

My Metal Gear Solid 4 machine (ps3) isn't even worth turning on to play it.


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So far my only issue with the game is some of the missions fall under the assumption that a lot of other retro-styled games get stuck under - to be a true 8-bit style game, there absolutely must be a handful of controller-throwing, rage-inducingly difficult missions. Unfortunately, said controller-throwing, rage-inducingly difficult missions are part of the mandatory ones for progressing the story. Then you spend a couple hours listening to the same repetitive stage music and the same repetitive jumps until you get to that ONE difficult spot and dying 50 times and the story screeches to a complete halt in the process.

Other than that - the control scheme is pretty much spot-on, you can hop on a bike and do a PaperBoy-style mission one minute and buy a skateboard and skate around like Skate or Die the next, driving is easy and not frustrating, and on foot there's aspects from numerous games in the moveset and it's all seamless.

Just the homages in the first mission alone are frickin awesome.