Rhyme for no reason

I'm probably posting this in the wrong forum... Maybe O&A could use it on the show sometime, if they like it. They could do a Dice impression of my rhyme. It's not all that great, just something off the top of my head this morning... No, it's not head lice!
Hickory dickory dock
bin Laden went for a walk
The clock struck five
I pulled a knife
And gagged the scum with his own cock


Is alive.
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That is very Dice-ish.


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Is this Dice??????????? Hey I have one
Bin ladin swallows geeee ge ge ge
No, this is not Dice, although it sure sounds a lot like him. It's that screenwriter I've been telling you about for the last week! ;) The guy who whote the sequel to The Adventures of Ford Fairlane. He sent me this rhyme in response to my email. Remember that Dice website I posted about? Just for the heck of it, I clicked on the "E-YELL" link and thanked the guy for doing a good job and stuff. He sent me the rhyme. What a guy!