Rich Vos


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Ok this is 1 thing I want to know.
why in Gods Green Earth does everyone pick on Vos?

The Guy is funny as hell I met him a few times at the cellar also I got to see him last night at the benfit show at the stress factory.

I even got his cd since he was suppose to give it to me when I asked about it at the cellar...

But its cool I met up with him last night and he got it for me since I asked him.
He also signed it for me which is really cool..

I see nothing wrong with his stand up I think he is very funny and a totaly cool guy.

If some one can please explain why he is always gettting picked on.


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Fofo Take it easy. It is known in the biz as a running gag. They pick on him cause it is funny. We all like Vos and remember all the comics do to.


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Dh babes I know that comedians get picked on but he gets picked on alot...I guess I am not use to that.. I know that they pick on dice alot but it is all in fun. I will get over it.
I just like comedy alot and it gets to me when someone picks on the person I take it alot to the heart.

Philly Kid

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hE can be funny, somtimes , like when he bust norris ballz. but did you see him DIE
on the new comedy central Premium Blend
he fuckin sucked.

and "I know the struggle"

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It is hard to do that , stand up I mean. Three min. can be a lifetime but a comic never bombs the audience does. They must have been a crappy crowd.


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I dont think he sucked on comedy central
I saw it and taped it.I thought he was very funny.his cd rocks
damn I am such a sap for stand up comics it is sad.Maybe it is cause they have the balls to do this and I never can.It is respect


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Hell ya thank God he came in.
Vos was great making fun of those sswinger chicks from Philly.
Not to mention I loved O&A's Sarcasm they all did great.But Vos had them on their toes with this funny ass comments on the chicks.
Good Job Vos :D