Richard Jeni


Is alive.
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When Opie commented on now come the jokes, I cringed a little. :p

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he is not that bad I mean even O&A liked him he did pass the test on them annoying him
Richard Jeni is a back-pedaling,unfunny,no-backbone pussyass phony. And his stuff was so unfunny,
Thanks to Opie for hanging up on his sorry ass. Let him "lap up" on Hoo-Hoo's show, who needs him.


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he is one of the biggest dick out there :D


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I am not a huge fan of the guy.
But shit what gets me is that people like his jokes.
Not Funny I use to like him on the show duets in the 80's

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I saw his standup special in about 1992 when I was 13. Now let me be the x-factor.
he was not even funny to me and I was 13 and under weed influence. everything's funny then
except r. jenni. fuckin hack..

and stop wid the duck bill platipussy shit. jenni.. go tell your jokes to on-coming traffic. on the "405".. you fagot-stern lapdog. eewww ah ah ah. 215
I know that OnA dont carw about what I am about to say here. R Jeni does Howie and The boyz show and although that isnt the issiue here, he DOES THE SAME JOKES ON BOTH SHOWS get a new rutine Jeni. Hasbeen. The Platapussa man.