Richard Vos


Is alive.
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He was on the show today hanging with O&A.
Yeah Vos is funny but its too bad he is gonna die when Gorilla Boy gets ahold of him!!!


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Rich is such a nice guy
I met him at the comedy cellar
he is such the sweety

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Rich Vos is very funny, i just got his CD and its the same S ive been hearing from him LOL, but its still good


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Vos is good. In amsterdam. Gorrilla boy rules!! The Gorilla boy/ Vos saga continues. :D


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darm he get ripe even if he did some thing, :D


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Rich Vos is cool. Why do O&A keep picking on him? Poor guy gets trashed every time he calls in, and even more when he doesn't. :(


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I ask myself that all the time.
Why pick on the poor guy?
Oh well I'm not jumpin the band wagon