Rickey being Rickey..Mets new Hitting Coach

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July 11, 2007, 10:51 PM EDT

The Mets will begin the season's second half with a dramatic change in their coaching staff, Newsday has learned. Rick Down is out as hitting coach, and Rickey Henderson is in.

Down said that Willie Randolph informed him Wednesday night of the decision, and that he would be replaced by Henderson. A person familiar with the situation confirmed that Henderson, the future Hall of Famer who has never served as a coach, would take over as hitting coach.

When asked whether Randolph offered an explanation, Down replied: "Not really. Approach, I guess."

The Mets have a 48-39 record and two-game lead over Atlanta in the National League East, own a .332 on-base percentage, fifth in the NL, and a .419 slugging percentage, ranking them seventh in the league. Copyright 2007 Newsday Inc.


I like Rickey, It'll be fun to see him around more.


I have to return some videotapes!
That's nuts! Welcome back Rickey! I hope you left that deck of cards behind with Bonilla.

But I'm glad that batting coach is gone. I wanted him gone after they after that awful Detroit/LA Dodger/NY Yankee road trip! I have never heard ONE freakin' guy give credit to Down when they go on a hot streak outside Ramon Castro!

I'm surprised HoJO wasn't given the gig though!

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Fucking sweet. Reyes is already nasty on the bases. I am sure Ricky has a few pointers for the base paths as well as in the box. I suppose with the finish they had going into the break that a move of some sort needed to happen. You won't hear any complaints from me.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
You won't hear any complaints from me.
Give it a few weeks then revisit this post. Reyes and Beltran especially already don't run hard to first, now they're going to be coached by the guy who made a career out of stretching doubles to singles so he could steal second.