Riot in Westchester Amusement Park Started by Texts (Religion of Peace)


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WHITE PLAINS — A fracas at Playland Amusement Park in Rye that began after Muslim women were barred from some rides due to their traditional head scarves escalated when parkgoers alerted each other via text messages, the county police commissioner said Tuesday.

In all, 15 people were arrested in the Aug. 30 incident.

With the texts, a gathering at the park's police precinct grew from 25 to about 100 people "in five or six minutes," Public Safety Commissioner George Longworth told Westchester County legislators in the Michaelian Office Building.

When some in that group became unruly, 10 arrests were made, he said.

The incident started when some people became angry over a policy banning headgear, including the scarves, on rides. Five were arrested in the initial confrontation.

Longworth and other officials spoke at a meeting of two county legislative committees about parks policies, the events that led to the fracas and the police response.

County officials also said they anticipate possible lawsuits over the incident.

"The county attorney's office has been contacted by lawyers from some of the people that were there," said George Oros, chief of staff for Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

The melee broke out as 3,000 Muslims took part in a promotional day at the park to celebrate the end of Ramadan.

Legislator William Ryan, D-White Plains, chairman of the Public Works, Parks, Labor and Transportation Committee, said he expects to ask organizers of the event to give input at a future meeting.

While several legislators praised the officials for their departments' handling of the matter, Deputy Parks Commissioner Peter Tartaglia said parks officials continue to look at their procedures to see whether they can make improvements.

Playland bans headgear, such as baseball caps and scarves, from some rides because they can catch in the workings, creating hazards.

Playland officials had told event organizers about the rule beforehand, but the policy had not been conveyed to the entire group.

Longworth said officers reacted reasonably to the situation, and that there were no reports of injuries among parkgoers.

An officer and two seasonal park rangers were injured when they stepped in, initially to stop fights that had broken out among the visitors. They were treated at hospitals and released.

Sharif Aly, vice president of the Muslim American Society of New York, which organized the event, said some Muslim women who attended said they had been allowed to wear headscarves on the same rides at other times. He said one online video shows officers bringing a Muslim woman to the ground.

"I think it's a little beyond what anyone would have wanted to happen," he said of the disturbance.

Longworth said many of the officers responding from other departments remained in a staging area and did not interact with the crowd. He said that officers bring a person to the ground to protect everyone around from injury, including the person being arrested.

"I have viewed extensive video related to the whole thing," Longworth said. "I've seen nothing inappropriate. I think our troops did a very professional job that day, and I think they prevented an incident from escalating much further."

Tartaglia said parkgoers who were unhappy with the policy got full refunds.

Longworth also spoke of a Sept. 1 brawl between soccer teams at Saxon Woods Park in White Plains. He said it was the fourth fight this summer involving teams in the same league.

Officer Marcelo Jimenez was injured when several players attacked him. His injuries were treated, but he has been unable to return to work, Longworth said.
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