Road Show

Well this is gonna be the first Road Show in almost 9 months. Even though there where the Breuer shows and XFL Gameday tapings those werent really considered O&A Road Shows. Is anyone planning on going on Thursday?


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I would love to go But.... I am not sure yet
it is kinda far from me
Me and a friend were gonna go. She said that she didn't want to and I wasn't goin either. Besides, you know the Toolbox will be there, and once someone says the wrong damn thing they will get the shit kicked out them by me.


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I wonder what they will do for the road show??? :confused:

Cowbell Bill

Me Ant and Joe will be jammin
Hey Bill

Nice to see you finally posted!!! I got to hear you guys play.
I got huge balls but i just dont have anyway to get out to Long Island.