Robber Hypnotizes Clerks, Gets Cash


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'Look into my eyes': Supermarket robber who hypnotises checkout girls to get the cash is hunted by Italian police

Last updated at 11:19am on 21st March 2008

Italian police have issued video footage of a man who has been hypnotizing supermarket checkout staff and getting them to hand over the cash.

In every case, according to reports, the last thing staff remember is a man leaning over and saying 'Look into my eyes' before suddenly finding the till is empty. Scroll down for more ...

Look into my eyes: The man - who bears an uncanny resemblance to Rasputin and Saddam Hussein - bends over as he speaks to the cashier

Then he walks away with a grin, tucking goods into his pocket

Matt Lucas's hypnotist character on Little Britain is also fond of the phrase 'Look into my eyes'

In the latest incident captured on video footage the man walked into a bank in Ancona in northern Italy.
He waited until he got to a female bank clerk and, according to the video footage, appears to hypnotise her into handing over more than £600. He then calmly walked out.



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I heard the trigger phrase was "Afghanistan banana-stand".

A cookie to anyone who gets that reference.


permanent case of the Moooondays
If I could do that, I'd spend all my time hypnotizing hot chicks into giving me blow jobs, cleaning my apartment then leaving (in that order).


He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon.
I’m certainly glad that people are starting to realize the dangerous power of hypnotism and have not went for the obvious answer that the thief and clerks are working together, or simply that this entire idiotic story is made-up.