Roberto For Sale to Benefit Jimmy Plocica's Daughters


I suggest you tread lightly
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As some of you might remember Jimmy Plocica aka JimiMetal from was murdered in a robbery earlier in the year. He left behind two daughters. Roberto, East Side Dave's puppet, has been put on Ebay with the proceeds going to help Jimmy's daughters.

Here is the auction.

Let's spread the word and get those bids in so we can help those little girls.
c'mon guys, lets show everyone that what wackbag is really about. we get a bad rep, but there are some really good people on this board. let's really do our best to help out these girls.


I suggest you tread lightly
Wackbag Staff
A little support, people.


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Anybody taking-up donations for the Lil Gals???


Bravo to the show and Dave for putting that piece of wood on the block for a good cause.


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That's really awesome. Bravo to all involved in doing this. Great cause. Let's raise some money here.

EDIT: And damn... the pictures on that site are fantastic. Truly a sight to behold when that puppet head damn near exploded when it got legdropped...