Rock Band II?

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Harmonix already has a working formula for getting new content for this game out via XBL and whatever Playstation uses. They've sold over 2.5 million songs via DLC in the first 8 weeks. They can update it through the internet now, and if they want to keep supporting PS2 they can just release expansion disks of the DLC content they've already sold. In the GH series, I never really cared about the graphics, it was the songs I wanted. The graphics on Rock Band are excellent and with the DLC on Rock Band, I can pick and choose what I want and make the game mine.

So why would they ever plan to release a new version. Besides the intrument controllers, (which can be purchased seprately next month) what could they improve that couldn't be updated online?


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or drums that register when you beat on them instead of lightly tapping? whats with that?


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Rock Band II is supposed to feature 80's songs. They're dropping the drum kit in favor of a synth keyboard.