Rocker Traded to Indians

Controversial Atlanta Braves reliever John Rocker was traded to the Cleveland Indians on Friday, Peter Gammons reported.

John Rocker's comments to Sports Illustrated earned him a police escort every time he visited New York.

In return for Rocker, the Braves will receive setup men Steve Karsay and Steve Reed,'s Jayson Stark reported.

The deal was to be announced later Friday night after the Indians' game at Kansas City.


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now the braves vs the mets game are going to suck :mad:


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I thought the sox were going to get him, he's cheap and good, and god knows we need bullpen help......

....however it looks like he's going to the Tampa Bay Devil Ray's which sucks b/c it's gonna be a tough fight next time pedro drills somebody in the head and the benches clear.....

his next racist comments will include the ammount of puerto ricans walking around
Holy S...nort.
You really dug through the archives for this one. I thought Jay was back for a minute there. ;)

Rocker's a tool. Pinella can have him, plus he's a cancer in the clubhouse.