Roland Emmerich Rebooting 'STARGÅTE'


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Roland Emmerich Rebooting 'Stargate', Still Trying To Get Will Smith To Fight Aliens
September 6, 2013 / independence day, movie, news, roland emmerich, stargate

Stargate's futuristic Ancient Egypt is getting made-over into the slightly more futuristic Ancient Egypt you always wanted it to be.

In one of his brief interludes between White House detonations and climate scares, Stargate director and co-writer Roland Emmerich recently told DigitalSpy he plans to restart his franchise, expanding it into a new trilogy to stretch the premise beyond just 354 episodes of television, 34 webisodes, and two straight-to-video follow-ups.

"We went to MGM, who has the rights, and we proposed to them to do a sequel, but as a reboot," Emmerich said. "Reboot it as a movie, and then do three parts. That's what we're doing right now, and pretty soon we'll have to look for a writer and start."

Emmerich added that long-held plans to follow-up the original with a sequel have been discarded, at least in part, because of his seeing how fat, old, and bald James Spader looks in those Blacklist promos on NBC.

"I originally wanted to make [the original Stargate] a trilogy," the director said. "But now, after all this time, I couldn't do a trilogy anymore, because the actors look totally different, and it would not work." Stargate just isn't Stargate unless Spader's character is always pushing his Meg Ryan hair away from his glasses.

Similarly, Independence Day just wouldn't be Independence Day without Will Smith sarcastically welcoming alien visitors, and since he still resembles himself enough to be recognizable, Emmerich hasn't given up on getting Smith in the long-planned ID4 sequel. Though the director previously said the actor would be too pricey for a production so humble, he now says "anything can happen," promising the two are going to meet again about the project. Who knows what's possible... After Earth?


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Going back to his triumphs is not a sign that he feels he is doing well as a film maker. I do not trust him to not screw up this reboot. If you look at his recent filmography, it is just one disappointment after another.


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I remember being forced to watch this shitty movie in the 7th grade for a Movie Day.


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Stargate is a guilty pleasure movie of mine.

Voodoo Ben

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anybody remember the stargate super nintendo game? it was awful.

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I love that this guy is filling in the gaping disaster movie hole in trash cinema following the death of Irwin Allen but his track record is pretty spotty. Let's do Independence Day 2 first.


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Didn't the TV shows kill all need for something like this?


I was never a big Stargate fan.


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I have a feeling,and maybe it's just me, that when someone says
On the heels of yesterday's update on the status of director Roland Emmerich's much-anticipatedIndependence Day sequel
they really mean "sequel by someone else". I'm pretty sure I couldn't wait to see every one of his movies as a kid and was horribly disappointed almost every time with the exception of Stargate which was great.


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So we are going forget over 20 years of history that encompasses the TV series and pick up from the movie. No ancients, asgards, and there is only the gate between the two worlds, not thousands. Many of the fans never saw the movie. I'm betting there will be some very disappointed people coming out of the theater.