Roland's Food Court 5pm et 3/9/2013


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Roland will bring in 4 world class chefs to discuss food at 5 pm et on March 9, 2013.

xm 105
sirius 206


Small but very deadly south american tree frog.
I might take a peek. Was the 1st show worth listning to? I Hope Erock does a Toon show.


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So they let a mumbling retard have his own show? Brilliant.
I haven't listened yet, but whenever they bring him in the studio I hate it. I really don't get the show's obsession with him.
He's a psychopath and says crazy shit. Live content on the weekend is always a good thing. Sure I'd like it to be a real show, but Roland is good enough.


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For a one off show he manages to get decent guests. Michael Symon is no bum in that world.


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It's on now !


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I'm listening

hoping for an eRock Army, Nigga aftershow


it's a man, baby!!!

he just bumped erock off his hour

bonus roland time

Guilty Spark

It's freeing and refreshing
All of these jerkoffs think they're hilarious but they're coming across as dickheads