Roland's Pic of Gov. Christie at Bruce Springsteen Concert


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Roland tweeted and has since then retweeted the pic of New Jersey Governor Christie at a Bruce Springsteen concert, allegedly sleeping.

rolandos99 So gov Christie am I imagining things as a fat guy too we get sleepy in warm arenas @erockradio @notsam @BuzzFeed about 7 hours ago

rolandos99 Gov Christie reallywant us to believe he wasn't sleeping- it was warm at msg fat people get sleepy @OpieRadio about 8 hours ago

rolandos99 @ilikefatfannys @erockradio Christie a politician never lies you are soo right haha fcking moron about 22 hours ago in reply to ilikefatfannys

rolandos99 @docgray81 yayaya thats right GOV i dont sleep in meetings i am taking all the information in about 23 hours ago in reply to docgray81

ArmedEsquire @rolandos99 RT @GovChristie: For the record, I would NEVER fall asleep during a @springsteen concert. about 23 hours ago

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rolandos99… @OpieRadio @notsam @erockradio about 24 hours ago


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Typical troll SOS, start a thread about Roland's pic and doesn't said pic. Hilarious. ;)

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hmmmmm looks like Roland's Twitter may got taken down

heheheheheheheheheh hehehehehheehheheheheh heheheheheheheheheheeee eheheheheheheheheheheee


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I went to the Springsteen show at MSG. I don't blame Christie for falling asleep. 8 songs off the new album. Never been so pissed at a concert. Play some fucking hits.


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SOS must be gettin' lazy in his old age ...



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None of the pic links work? Did twiter cave in to the man, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan?


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wow, how retarded that a simple picture causes him to take down his whole twitter. Lame...although should make for a great bit come Monday.

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Never fear, Opie's gotcha covered!

@OpieRadio said:
RT @GovChristie: I would NEVER fall asleep during a @Springsteen concert. ME: SURE LOOKS LIKE IT
Although I'm not sure he watched the video because Christie pretty much explains it all.

Plus if he was really asleep wouldn't his head be drooping down?

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I wonder if Roland is going to cry on air about his account being taken down.
fuck roland,i'd knock the scary panda the fuck out

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I still don't understand why people here don't re-host pictures...Throw them Up on imageshack etc...That way when the original gets nuked 2hrs after your thread is started the pic is still available..


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why did they take Rolands twitter account down?

just because he took pictures of a governor?


it's a man, baby!!!
did he think the jersey guido mafia was going to swoop him up in a black van right off of the street?