Ron and Fed Listening Thread 10/24-10/28: Final Week of the Saddest October Ever

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Bill Lehecka

Whiny Man Baby
I'm ready to rock with Ronnie B., Peppie, Zeets, and that guy who is their news chick who locks up constantly.

transit grinder

Baglin' with the Sex
rob and fed rob and fed

Do we get a show today or two interviews and an unmasked?


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
I gotta admit. I would TOTALLY fuck Martha Stewart's daughter.


Fatty made love to a cupcake
Ah... there's everyone.

<----- living in time warp.

Boy... Jennifer & Alexis really seem to hate each other.


Darkness always says hello.
If I had to pick between either of the Whatever girls, Id have to go with the firecrotch 10 times out of 10.


He's no good to me dead.
Good thing I picked New Orleans to win in the Eliminator. I survived! Me and 174 others, so far.
I almost listened to sports radio this morning, but I couldn't bear to listen to the yokels cry about Caldwell.
Being a Giants fan in Indiana is awesome some times. Today is one of those days.
What the fuck is Fez on about? Recycle this comment when ever..........


Darkness always says hello.
Im kind of surprised that Fez is turning on the gays. Thats what he is doing, right?
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