Ron and Fez Listening Thread 01/07/08 Welcome to the 1st Live Show of 2008

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:rap: convictions generally call for an 8 - 25yr sentence.

depending on the severity... parole available in abour 8-10 yrs.

the death penalty is not called for as per the law, unless there is a particularly brutal and/or premeditated murder or involved.


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dang the show went really fast today....

alright guys have a nice day...C-YA!


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off to finish my dreadfully boring work here... and then plan the menu for the next couple of days. wheeeeeeee!

C-Ya buddays!


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Later, kids.
Been a good time.
Now time to kill the last hour with replay.


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
And that's the end of our thread...Donk!!!


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Hey baggers settled my contract dispute today, during the interview for a gig i lost out to a motherfucker in a wheel chair. THIS WAS FOR A SECURITY POSITION in a building with 17 floors that crippled son of a bitch could barely roll his own fucking wheels let alone protect anything, son of a bitch im pissed, show seems to be going well though
I feel for you. :(
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