Ron & Fez Listening Thread - Friday, 08/17/07 - Ron and Fez Invade DC

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Why can't us?
Heres hoping they kicked Standby out....:)


(Insert Witty Line Here)
Hiya Buddays. :action-sm


Yeah... I got nothing
meanmarv, what happened to the bouncy tits?

Unless I'm mistaking your avatar with another poster who had the bouncing tits..


ESD is Wackbag's hero!
so looks like my Beer Pong tourney is shot to shit guys:
Booze Banned Outside Arts Center After Underage Drinking Arrests

HOLMDEL, N.J. (AP) -- Authorities on Friday said they were banning alcohol in the parking lot of PNC Bank Arts Center following the arrests of more than 80 people Thursday night at an Ozzfest concert.

"The nature of the shows attract an extraordinary young audience and alcohol has been a problem throughout the season,'' said Joe Orlando, a spokesman for the Turnpike Authority, which owns the arts center.

"We've tried to deal with it by enforcing the law, and people have thumbed their nose at it,'' he said. "So we're taking the only action we can.''

More than 80 people were arrested at the Ozzfest concert before 9 p.m. Thursday. Most were charged with underage drinking, while others were deemed unruly in the mosh pit.

State Police also said there were two suspicious deaths there Thursday night, possibly involving drugs.

Concertgoers were charged with assault if they were flailing arms or legs in a way that would hurt others.

Authorities launched a crackdown on drinking after the season's first show in May because 13 young patrons had to be taken to hospitals with alcohol-related illnesses. The youngest was 11 years old.

More than 90 patrons were arrested at the O.A.R concert on Saturday and 54 people were arrest at the Incubus show last Friday.
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Fatty made love to a cupcake
LOL. Nice opening fuckup.

Oh, BTW:

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Today is a very special day for you all, as I will be blessing you with my presence in the R&F listening thread. Consider this 'bonus time' - my little gift to you all.

You're welcome.
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