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that would be an interesting topic but you're going in a whole 'nother direction with that :p environment meaning outside factors or actions imposed on the animal that cause them to react, I guess the best example would be pavlov's dogs


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Woman Seriously Hurt In Pit Bull Attack
GIG HARBOR, Wash. -- Two pit bulls that entered a Gig Harbor home through a pet door attacked and severely injured a woman while she slept, sheriff's deputies told KIRO 7 Eyewitness News.

The dogs may have gone into the house to attack another dog, according to animal control officers. They attacked the woman in her bed as she tried to fight off the dogs.

Deputies said the woman got a gun and fired at the dogs, but the attack continued. She was eventually able to escape the house, get into her car and call 911.

According to deputies, after the pit bulls attacked the woman they went after a neighbor’s Jack Russell terrier, killing it.“They’ve had problems over there before a couple of houses down with the dogs. It’s one of those things. We just hope Sue is OK,” neighbor Ricky Russell said.

Pierce County animal control officers were able to capture the pit bulls.

“Highly aggressive, people aggressive, animal aggressive. They attacked a Jack Russell terrier out there and they attacked the lady pretty severely,” Brian Boman, with animal control, said.

According to investigators, the dogs were determined and difficult to stop.

“We ended up having to pepper spray them an our deputies thought they might have to terminate the dogs out there, that’s how vicious they were,” Detective Ed Troyer said.

The woman is at St. Joseph's hospital and is listed in satisfactory condition, according to a hospital spokesman.

The victim is disabled. Her dog is a caretaker dog, according to a neighbor
I almost always agree with Ron but not on this particular issue. Here are some of my points:

Humans choose in engage in violent acts. Animals don't.

When animals do engage in violence it for survival, not for sport.

True, people do eat meat and wear leather. But they were not tortured like what happens in animal fights. I doubt that there is anyone who would rather die quickly rather than being tortured to death.

Yes, there are bigger problems in this country than dog fighting, but that does not excuse it. If we go with the ideology that we should only worry about bigger problems then only thing we should ever worry about is nuclear war and should ignore all the other problems of the world. Crimes, both great and small, need to have consequences. He is not going to be put to death or put in prison for the rest of his life but he does need to have a consequence for his crime if he is in fact guilty of it.

Vick (who is still being paid his full salary by the way) is simply being told not to show for practice and lost his endorsements for, at the very least, associating with criminals. It brings a bad light to the NFL and this type of negative stigma will kill a league because perception is reality. Whether it is true or not, the NBA is seen as more “thuggish” than the NFL and MLB. Because of that until the NBA does something to improve their image they will always be in 3rd place behind the other major sports. Being #1, the NFL can’t afford to throw all the players, coaches, and personnel associated with the league under the bus just for one player.

I still think Ron is the man though.
You said it, I thought it!